CM Keyshare Smart Selfie Rc Drone With Camera 12MP FPV Quadcopter

We all love taking selfies and share them on social media ,what if we have a drone taking pour perfect selfies all the time to give us a perfect shot without any problems ,the life would be so easy and full of awesome selfies to be shared on social media ,yes this has become possible with this new CM Keyshare Smart Selfie Rc Drone With Camera of 12MP which allows you to take some awesome quality selfies with its 12 mp camera and then to social media direct from your phone.

Keyshare-Selfie-Quadcopter-Control-Smartphone-drone-quadcopter-CM Keyshare Smart Selfie Rc Drone with camera


It is a small and ergonomically awesome drone which comes with overall good built quality without any major drawbacks .

Its small a size and easy to handle aspects makes its a perfect for any any selfie lover and drone beginners and starters to get started  with their drone hobbies with these awesome built quality drone.

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it flies in air like charm which,overall camera performance for ok for this kind of selfie drone for taking selfies .

battery life is of 10 minutes only approx which could have been more ,moreover if you fly high and fast it gets exhausted fast ,so you need to have a battery backup to fly more .but if you are taking few selfies then it would be enough to get some charming selfies in 10 minutes time frame .

let us know how did you liked its performance and overall form factor in the comment section below.

Some of the incredible specs of this keyshare smart selfie drone are as follow 

1. Weight: 500g
2. Battery: 3S 2000mAh
3. Propleller: 5030
4. Wheelbase: 250mm
5. Motor: 1806
6. Max vertical ascent speed: 1m/s
7. Max angle of tilt: 30°
8. Max rotating speed 40°/m
9. Max horizontal movement speed: 5m/s
10. Hover accuracy: Horizontal 1m/vertical 0.5m
11. Working time: 12 mins
12. Lens: SONY CMOS
13. Recording :1080P 30FPS
14. Frequency: 2.4G
15. Control distance: 100m
16. Image transmission: 720P

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some of the awesome features of this drone are as follows

  • New Arrival SELFIE Drone 1080 HD recording 
  • Auto-follow with 360 circle flight 45° selfie
  • supports Indoor selfie to take photos in home
  • APP Smart Control ( Sharing with friends )
  • Camera 12 Million pixels ;
  • Somatosensory virtual stick Operation for taking photos easily
  • One click take off/landing/hover
  • Auto- return to home feature
  • Safe distance setting for avoiding crashing


CM Keyshare Smart Selfie Rc Drone comes at a price of $500+ approx from various stores .Although the price of this drone keeps on changing with the time ,so you to get the latest you can check out your local store or any e-store like amazon to get it with discount and other additional goodies and accessories like extra battery ,sd card etc to keep it going when you need it without brakes for charging etc .



Here Comes the list of Some Advantages of Keyshare smart selfie rc drone to consider Before Buying This Drone

  • Good built
  • easy to use
  • 12 mp camera
  • hover function for selfies
  • fpv for selfies

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Here Comes the list of Some disadvantages of Keyshare smart selfie rc drone to consider Before Buying This Drone

  • Low time of flight
  • signal drops on long distance


If you are a selfie addict and a drone enthusiast and loves to rake selfie all the time then this drone is for you to take perfect selfies without any glitch to share them on social media to your fans .so go ahead and buy this drone for you to take perfect selfies every time and share them on social media with this CM Keyshare Smart Selfie Rc Drone


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