best drone cars with wheels to buy in 2018

(Last Updated On: July 19, 2018)

Here comes some of the best flying drones with wheels to double as a car on ground to give the kids and adults using it double fun of running car and flying drone at the price of 1 that too at big discount .so go ahead and choose the best flying flying drone car for you to buy and fun with these flying drones for kids and to spread smiles .

so come on folks without any further delay lets take a look at the flying drone cars given below to enjoy and live life flying some cool drone and quadcopter cars given right below.

best drone cars with wheels to buy in 2018

1. Contixo Kids flying Drone F1 :  RC Quadcopter and Flying Car

If you are looking for something of good quality and durable to fly in sky and run on ground without spending too much money then its for you to get your kids happy and enjoy with them flying this drone car in sky .

Contixo Kids Drone F1 Black RC Quadcopter Flying Car bets drone cars

Some of the amazing features of this contixo f1 flying car drone are as follows:

it comes with 3 different speed mode to fly at variable speed as per your requirement, moreover it can perform multidirectional flips along with 360 degree rolling and have multi-directional control unit for ground also .

its an easy to use rc drone and car that makes flying drone fun and also gives you toy to drive car .it comes with 6 axis adjustable rc gyro system for flying the drone with stability in sky with any problem on windy days .

it comes with 4 channels and 2.4 ghz connection for fast control without signal go ahead and buy this drone with discount from below link and you will love flying it like many others have been since long time


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2. Taotuo Flying Quadcopter drone Car with RC

if you are looking to get dual fun of drone and car in the price of one then its for youmas its good and wont burn your pocket while buying it with discount from below given link ,its a nice alternative if you dont want to buy the above gievn drone for any reason.

Taotuo Flying Quadcopter Car

some of the great feature of this taotuo drone car are as follows :

it comes with dual mode rc flying capabilities which allows it to take of into sky instantly on a fly of button when you want to fly and then run on ground becuase it comes with wheels for car and wings for flying like drone ,thus giving you dual fun for the price of one.

if you are a novice and your drone goes out of flying range then your can press auto return button and it will return to you automatically without any problem and prevent from you lossing the drone .

it comes with 4 axis gyro for good inflight stability and control while flying indoors or outdoors .

some other fucntions of this drone includes 360 degree eversions ,3d rollover in all possible directions .besides that it comes with 1 key lock heading and 1 key return feature for safety purpose .as a car on ground you can move it in all directions with the buttons on controller easily .

it features led lights on downside to drive at night and fly the drone in night to enjoy the view in night time also from your roof .

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3. Top Race 4-Channel Micro flying Drone for kids Rolling  car Quadcopter

Top Race 4-Channel Micro Mini-Drone Rolling Quadcopter

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4. Parrot mini flying drone : rolling spider

Parrot mini drone's rolling spider

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hope you like our awesome collection of some of the best drones with wheels which could be used as a car on ground and drone in the air which makes it a nice flying car.

so go ahead and buy one of these flying cars with discounts to enjoy the drone in air and car on the ground at a nice price point with your kids.

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