best heavy lifting drones to buy in 2018

(Last Updated On: July 19, 2018)

Here come’s some of the best heavy lifting drones that you can buy in 2018 and beyond to life heavy weights on this heavy lifting hexacopters ,octacopters and quadcopter’s to transport to other location easily.

These heavy lift drones can be used for different purposes like videography with good camera, agriculture, mapping and more industrial purposes for lifting stuff and other things easily.

1. Freefly Alta 8 : high end great lifting drone

its a nice and powerful heavy lifting drone capable of carrying 20 lbs of maximum payload at a time .it comes with pelican case and easy release top handle and features inverted landing gear for top mounting of this alta drone.

size of the drone is 36-26-26 inches and it gives 10 minutes of flight time with 15 lbs of load and 20 minutes with 5lbs of load approx.

Freefly Alta 8 heavy lifting octacopter - heavy lifting drones

It comes with SYNAPSE Flight Controller for easy flight and maneuver of drone with complex flight plans to capture some good quality videos and images from different angels and prospectives with your top notch cinematography camera .

It features bottled neck carbon booms along with high quality carbon propellers to give you maximum safety while flying without compromising on the video capturing experience.

its high priced but for some it would be worth the hefty price tag considering its, built quality, features and durability

2. YUNEEC YUNH920US hexacopter heavy lifting Drone

It’s a nice drone with good features but at considerable 1/3 the price of alta 8 listed above which makes it a nice alternative to alta 8.

you can do aerial shooting with this drone as it comes equipped with Panasonic g4.its made up of carbon fiber frame for extra stability and durability and comes with foldable landing gear for easy landing and take off.

it also comes with st24 transmitter along with 7 inch android device to see the real time camera feed live on the screen without any connection hiccups .

drone weight is about 44 lbs and comes in dimensions of 22-20-20 inches.



people who bought this drone has different view point of about this UAV ,so you can check out the reviews and lowest price on amazon from below link before you zero in on your choice to buy this yuneec drone .

3. DJI Spreading Wings S900 Professional heavy weight lifting Hexacopter

DJI Spreading Wings S900 Professional Hexacopter

some amazing features of this drone are as follows:

This version of dji drone comes with solid s900 frame along with a2 flight controller and a nice z15 gimbal to capture some beautiful images

It’s made up of strong and light-weight material called carbon fiber which makes it last longer and steady while in flight. Besides that it comes good quality and improved motor for better flight and spark proof plug for avoiding short circuits when plugging in and out.

it comes with good power system and controller to get good flight experience without and wire breakage and vibration and jittering effects which could lead to poor quality video .moreover it uses dampers to segregate gimbal and upper frame to give a smooth flight with full stability.

it comes with detachable center board for easy access and flight controller fitting.

it comes with foldable landing gear for easy landing and take off without and damage for stable flight

4. DJI Matrice 600 heavy lifting Hexacopter

dji Matrice 600 heavy lifting hexacopter

hope you liked our collection of some best heavy load carrying drones and quadcopter’s available in market for you to buy and enjoy by shipping the items and good easily to different places by making use of these cool lifting drones .

share it with your friends and family to make them aware about these awesome heavy lifting hexacopter and quadcopters, because they might be interested too in buying these lifting drones in 2018 to use them to ship items to their neighbors in cold winter summers for fun .

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