Dji Spark Review [warning: read before making purchase decisions]

(Last Updated On: July 19, 2018)

DJI spark is a awesome mini drone recently released by DJI with lots of new and great features in drone industry like facial tracking ,hand recognization and much more to give its users ability to do more and capture more in small size but are these features of DJI spark worth the $499 launch price …we are going to find out  here in this review …so keep reading below

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DJI spark is a mini foldable drone like DJI mavic pro and fits into your pockets easily when folded for traveling but in addition to that when compared to Mavic pro it comes with some additional features like quick shot, some gesture control features like palm control which allows you to control the drone with your palms easily when taking the perfect pictures to cherish later .

Now we will head on to take a look at some cool features of dji spark

dji spark mini drone comes with awesome and new flight modes to get some cool shots and flight every time you fly this drone which includes quick shot,tapfly ,active track flight mode and gesture control flight mode 

with quickshot flight mode you can capture good quality videos from different angles and positions like when in this mode you can opt in to make your camera fly like a rocket that is ascending mode in the downwards direction

moreover you can also make your drone fly backward and forward , in circles and upwards in a spiral manner , all with the drone camera locked and positioned to capture best videos with of subject in a position.

Talking about the Tapfly flight mode ,it allow you to tap on the controller screen i.e your phone in the dji go 4 app and then fly the drone int direction where you tap without hitting any obstacles in between ,while maintaining the altitude ,not to forget that if you tap on the same spot time and again ,it will take the drone far way from you in same place which i think is quite useful feature for selfie loves as they can capture their selfies from different angles and different distances to get best shots for their instagram followers , let me know what do you think of this feature to make a creative use of it .

Active Track is bit different flight mode than tap fly and according to me it would be best suited for adventure sports lovers becuase it when in this mode the drne camera easily recognizes the object you point at and then tracks it movements according to its size and speed to capture all details from different angles ,like you can track from front, back,right left or even in circles to get 360 degree video captue fo moving object .

you can make use of active track mode like when you are paragliding ,cliff jumping ,riding high speed bikes ,running etc to capture a memorable video to cherish forever with your family and friends .

Gesture flight mode is different from all and my favorite as it allows you take selfies and capture beautiful pictures with your hand gestures by putting drone in palm control mode which identifies different palm/hand actions with gesture recognization technology of spark to captures beautiful images even when you are not carrying your drone controller and smartphone with you .to get a glimase of what it can do take a look at the images below

spark drone gesture flight mode
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It can gain top speed of 50kmph and is capable of flying up to 2 km distance which makes it a nice drone to reach the unexplored arenas in the near vicinity of far mountains where human footsteps are not possible to capture some stunning and great images and videos with your portable spark drone.

with its return to home feature and flight protection, it makes it sure that with a press of a button the drone can land on the place of starting when signal lost or low battery to avoid any drone damage and lost drone situation for the owner like and you who loves flying drone regularly.

The new version of DJI go 4 app comes with lots of new features and filters to edit your videos and images instantly and share with your followers to get popular on social media besides having rich controls for flying the drone and controlling the camera effortlessly from your smartphone .

Below are the specs of this awesome mini-drone from DJI

  • it weighs around 300gms with battery and comes in package of 1.5lbs approx and has dimensions of 9.8 x 3 x 8.2 inches, it comes in 5 funky colors which include blue, green red,yellow, white
  • Battery life of this drone with a 1480 mAh lipo battery is around 15 minutes approx which I think is little less , but anyways you can always carry an extra battery pack without any hassle to keep the fun going
  • it comes with 12 mp camera mounted on a 2 axis gimbal for shooting nice videos and pictures
  • it can sense obstacles in 16 ft radius for flying without collision
  • it can go upto 4km above the ground level in vertical direction

Now we will talk about the design of DJI spark

dji spark comes with a nice and clean solid build built quality and small compact design which makes a nice mini drone to carry around easily in your pockets anywhere you go .

the components of drones are placed on the right place across the drone body and at below its the intelligent drone battery which makes flying spark safe everytime its in the air ,thanks to its obstacle avoidance sensors and flight safety features.

spark drone flight autonomy

Its time to head over to performance overview of dji spark

while flying spark , the launching part was quite easy as now it can be launched and land drone your hand .i really like its compact form factor as it makes it fit easily in jacket pockets or backpack pockets when folded.

the camera of spark did a pretty good job taking in consideration that it’s a consumer drone and meant for fun purpose and not for high end cinematography .its mechanical 2 axis(pitch and roll axis) gimbal makes the camera stable and helps to reduce shake and jitter effect and other unwanted noises while capturing some good videos and photos, although i wanted a 3 axis gimbal on spark ,but its not their .

the camera lens is f /2.6 which i think is nice to have on spark and gives vivid images and color details,moreover not to forget that it comes with 1/2.3 inch cmos sensor which makes images and videos great without any compromise on quality on texture and colors and enables us to capture full hd videos and stills at 12mp from the spark camera .

looking aside from the hardware performance advantages of sparks camera ,it comes with some awesome shooting modes too like Pano and shallow focus which allows you shoot great panoramic videos and pictures from different prospectives and shoot images with shallow depth to add life to your pictures with the 3d vision tech of drone respectively

spark camera shooting modes


  • It comes with quick launch which allows you to launch from your hand
  • It comes with simple hand gesture control for taking pictures etc
  • it is foldable and portable which makes it great for travel photography


  • it’s little expensive
  • it comes with only 2 axis mechanical gimbal which prevents sideways camera movement in 3rd axis
  • battery life is less at around 15 minutes only,it could have been more for better flight time

Price of DJI spark mini drone

DJI spark comes at a price point of $499 for drone and $699 for spark fly more combo which includes some additional drone accessories like extra battery set , extra propellers , controller etc with your DJI spark drone.

It’s the cheapest drone from DJI launched so far , although it comes with lot of new features and upgraded technology innovation in drone arena which always keeps DJI in forefront of drone game  ,I think it’s little bit overpriced when I compare it to other drones in market in similar category ,so at the end question arises is it worth your hard-earned money to put in few extra $$$ to buy this for some additional features and its portable form factor or you should skip it .

I think it’s worth to buy keeping in mind that DJI products are quality products and if you are a drone enthusiasts you would definitely enjoy those new spark features.Moreover not to forget that as the time passes few months down the line the price of this spark mini-drone would definitely come down, so if you want to buy this but can’t due to lack of funds, then wait for 3-4 months and it will get cheaper

To buy this at discounted price with lot of great extra accessories click below 

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Alternatives to dji spark mini drone

if you are not impressed by spark or you want to compare spark with some of its rivals or you just don’t have budget to buy it and are looking for some DJI spark alternatives ,then we have tried to list out few of them right below to take a look and compare other similar drones with spark to make a wise decision which would be good for your pocket besides keeping fun element in mind .

  1. ZEROTECH DOBBY Mini Pocket Drone for awesome selfies 
  2. LHI Mini Foldable Quadcopter jjr/c H37 Pocket Drone
  3. Rabing ultra Mini Foldable RC Drone at cheap price
  4. Yuneec Breeze Flying Camera compact drone with foldable propellers 


As we progress in this world with lots of awesome people with brains and ability to think and create new and innovative things, we will definitely see innovation in all technology sectors including drones and quadcopters and DJI Spark is an awesome example fo that.

I have seen the current drone industry trend is bending over to produce more high-quality drone for consumers to use in different work fields besides using it for fun purposes at less price and compact form factor and DJI Spark mini drone is an awesome example of that

Dji spark is a nice mini-drone with some new features not seen in other drones at the time of launch, although we know that this world is great at imitation ,so in future we could see from other companies too till then with great built quality and nice features and price point a bit high i think it’s a must buy for all the drone enthusiasts and quadcopter lovers and others too who love compact form factor in drones without compromising on the photo capturing and flying experience of the quadcopter

  • Value for Money
  • features
  • ease of flight
  • camera quality
  • battery life
  • performace


if you are a drone fan and loves portable and compact items then this dji spark drone is meant for you as it gives performance and comes with lots of features in a small form factor which you will love as it can be carried easily .go ahead read this dji spark review and buy dji spark with discount and enjoy life 🙂


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