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(Last Updated On: July 19, 2018)

Are you a drone lover and words like best ,top-notch ,advanced features ,expensive arouse your feelings and mind to get something invincible and unbeatable in the sky when you are flying in drone race or just for fun at top speed with friends ,then for sure you have landed on the right article ,as here we discuss only about the top quality most expensive drones with camera for consumers and drone lovers who love’s to buy something solid and would not mind spending few thousands to buy a great drone which could satisfy their quest to own the best and fly the best yet in their budget .

you can buy these best expensive drones of 2018 with discount from amazon ,as it offers deals on them regularly to save some money and then party large with your friends and family while flying these awesome drones and capturing some best quality pictures with these photography drone camera from various angles and positions in sky to make an awesome photo album to share on social media profile with your fans and followers across the world .

so come on folks without any further delay lets dive straight into the list of some of the best expensive camera drones available in Market for you to buy and enjoy your drone flying passion with pride.

1. Freefly Systems ALTA UAV Powerful Drone

if you are looking for something of nice quality to take your flying experience to next level without bothering about the price point ,then this drone is for you .

Freefly Systems ALTA UAV expensive drones

Some of the features of this amazing drone are as follows for you take a look before you go ahead and spend stacks of cash on this flying beast quadcopter.

This drone comes with easy assembly option which allows you to get ready for shooting in 5-10 minutes out of the box.

It is made for carrying heavy payloads easily, this drone can carry upto 15 lbs of weight easily.moreover you can configure the drone in sky mode or ground view mode easily to capture shots and videos of amazing quality as the requirement with the help of MoVI configuration.

Its build quality is solid, the frame is lightweight but has Strength to withstand heavy winds when in sky without any collisions and damage .its constructed with carbon fiber.

it comes with high-quality synapse flight controller having top quality calibration sensors with complex control algorithms for easy maneuver of drone in sky with any kind of flight patterns and complex flight routes .

it can go upto 40 mph in top speed and flight time is around 45 minutes with no payload and 2 full 16 Ah batteries but if you add around 10 lbs of payload to it ,then the flight time would get reduced by half approx ,thus giving you max flight of 20-25 minutes to capture some stunning footage .

its expensive ,but for professionals i think its worth the quality and features on comes with along with nice flying time .

2. DJI Inspire 2.0 Quadcopter Combo

Its an amazing drone for consumers and drone lovers with lot of awesome functions and features to give you real drone flying experience.

this package comes with zenmuse x5s camera and a 360 degree rotating gimbal along with Apple ProRes & CinemaDNG Licenses with 2 packs of battery and all other standard accessories and equipment with dji inspire 2 for true drone flying  and video making experience.

dji inspire 2.0 bundle

Some of the amazing features of this drone are as follows:

this drone gives around 25 minutes of average flight time when full charged ,as it requires 2 batteries to fly

with this inspire 2 drone you can capture images in 5.2 k resolution to get some stunning video footage shooting .

it can go to 80 kph in 4 sec from start with maximum flight speed of around 108 kph .

it comes with self heating technology which allows it to fly easily in cold regions also with jamming the motors.

its built quality is solid and durable ,its upper body is made up to magnesium aluminium shell for extra strength without adding more body weight  .

it comes with high quality video transmission system with dual channel and dual frequency signal which allows you to stream videos and footage easily from onboard fpv camera and main drone camera simultaneously to the drone operator and camera operator for better collaboration for taking breathtaking shots every time .

3. Yuneec Typhoon H Pro with bundle of accessories

Yuneec Typhoon H UHD 4K follow me Hexacopter Drone

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4. DJI Phantom 4 PRO+ bundle kit with lots of useful goodies

phantom 4 pro plus bundle

5. Thunder Tiger Robotix Ghost gopro compatible drone

Thunder Tiger Robotix Ghost gopro compatible drone

6. Sangdo Voyager 3 : GOPRO compatible high quality UAV

sangdo voyager quadcopter

let us know your experiences you had with these drones in comment section below and if you have any other drone which would be a nice candidate for this list ,then also let us know ,we would be happy to add it in the list of best expensive drones right here for the drone lovers across the world to know your choice of expensive drone that was able to satisfy your needs to get all that you wanted from a drone .

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If you liked our collection of these expensive drones to buy this year in 2018 then share it with your friends and family on social media too ,as they might also be looking for good suggestions of some awesome and expensive drones to buy for the coming vacations to capture some awesome pics with their kids on islands , mountain  tops , beaches and world renowned heritage sites .

Keep flying 🙂 Keep Enjoying 🙂

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