top 5 waterproof drones for underwater quadcopter adventure

(Last Updated On: July 19, 2018)

Drones are becoming very popular with many new drone area of advancements opening like drone racing ,drone delivery etc .lots of people are buying drones for their adventure sports coverage etc ,but what happens when your mini drone by chance come in contact with a water body ,it may get destroyed due to water logging ,but not any more as we have brought you some of the best waterproof drones for you to take your drone flying hobby to next level and get best images while surfing in water .

So come on guys lets take a look at some of the top waterproof drones for your water adventure sports

1. AOLI H2O Drone Waterproof Elves 200m RC Quadcopter

Its a nice little waterproof drone which will entertain you and your kids .its price will fit your budget as its not expensive .its a good drone for beginners as they don’t require many advance functions ,its range is not very good ,but overall its a nice drone to buy .

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Some awesome features of AOLI H2O waterproof drones are given below

  • Its a easy to handle drone which comes with 6-Axis gyro quad-rotorcraft stable flight with stronger wind resistance
  • it comes powered by 2.4GHz anti-interference technology for better inflight signals and low interference
  • it comes with high performance battery to fly indoors and outdoors safely with its 4CH digital proportional RC system
  • it can perform various tricks and stunts such as 360 degree flips ,continuous rolling etc


2. Parrot Newz Hydrofoil Minidrone

Parrot is a drone company which produces good quality durable drones with best in class design to give its user best drone flying experience and this  Hydrofoil drone form parrot is no exception ,it also comes with unique ergonomics design to give you best performance on water and make its users happy while flying this awesome machine .

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Some awesome features of parrot waterproof drones are given below

  • Its made up of metal body
  • It can run and Glide in air and water
  • It comes with Pre-programmed and custom acrobatics features
  • camera resolution on this drone is 640 x 480 
  • It comes with 1GB in built flash memory for recording videos and taking pics


3. GARLUS Splash Drone Waterproof Amphibious UAV quadcopter

Its a drone for pro people who want good quality waterproof drones and doesn’t care about budget because its little bit expensive but you will get good quality and features which will justify its price .so if you want something waterproof and future proof then this want you want to buy ,just go ahead and take a look at its features and more information on amazon to find out if this is the best waterproof drone to justify your bucks

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GARLUS Splash Drone Waterproof Amphibious UAV quardcopter

Some awesome features of garlus waterproof drones are given below

  • its a Swellpro waterproof splash drone RTF version
  • its a + SaR device with FPV Camera
  • it comes with +7″ FPV Monitor


4. GPToys H2O Aviax Waterproof Surviax Drone 4-Axis Quadcopter

Its one of the drone which is loved by lots of people who rated it with 5 stars because of its built quality ,good performance and beginners friendly controls .your child will like this drone a lot as its priced economically priced and performs tricks which kid loves .so go ahead and buy this one to get something new and good for your children.

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Some awesome features of GPtoys waterproof drones are given below

  • its a 4 axis Waterproof Surviax Drone 
  • its awesome 6-axis allows drone to hand launch.
  • its 6-Axis gyro flight system gives you stronger inflight stability
  • comes with 2.4 technology for anti-interference by other quadcopter flying at the same time 


5. QuadH2O

Its a nice water drone made to fly with speed over water bodies in heavy rains etc ,its maximum speed is about 40km/h .its built with durable body which is light weight and effective in flying high .Quadh2o-waterproof-drone-waterproof drones

It can be controlled by using DJI Naza Controller and Gps .not to forget that it comes with a heat sink which makes sure this drone doesn’t get hot .

It can also accommodate a gopro camera for pro level photography .its flying time is 9-10 minutes with charge time of 30 minutes .

you can check out its price on its site here :

I hope you liked our collection of top 4 waterproof drones ,so buy these top 5 drones with discounted links above from amazon and share with us your flying stories and incredible flying experience in comment section below

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